Dylan McHafferty (no_timewasters) wrote in _levicorpus,
Dylan McHafferty

my words are some kind of metaphor, that I can't see

Setting: Corridors
Characters: Dylan, Dorcas and...people.

So, this wasn't getting any better. I had actually taken to spending more time around the students, as most of them didn't disappear, or turn into real people instead of ghosts, or start smoking pot on me. Maybe that was a mark of how insane I was, that I was clinging to students as the last vestige of my sanity. Nothing, not for want of trying, anyone suggested seemed to work, and I was seriously, seriously considering going home and finding myself a Muggle doctor, as only the ability to be a loner recluse was helping me keep my job up. I was seeing less, both literally, and in my head, of my daughter, simply because it still frightened me every time I couldn't see her. What if, one of these days, it was real and I assumed not?

Oh well, next lesson ahoy. Let's hope I don't run into anyone I know or care about in between. I heard footsteps as I turned into the corridor and told myself to keep calm, it'd be someone perfectly normally wandering to their next lesson, break, suicide attempt, whatever... Even so, I was clinging to that book of Icelandic Sagas a little too tightly.
Tags: dorcas meadowes, profesor dylan mchafferty
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