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So Malfoy can go a murdering...

Characters: Kingsley and Rookwood 
Setting: The Ministry of Magic, The Atrium

It was a grand setting for my little distraction. This wasn't really my forte, killing people was more Bellatrix's thing, but I'd done my best. I went for something as creative as possible, with a mind to keeping the Aurors occupied for as long as possible. 
My victim, was a nobody really, a cleaner - a Squib too -  who'd trod on my toe in the lifts the week before. I tried to view it as ridding the world of one more piece of vermin, but I hadn't really convinced myself. I found that I was unable to really look at his corpse. But that might have been squeamishness. I'd killed him mercifully at least - snapped his neck in the lift on the way to the Atrium. He was dead before he knew what had happened. 
The messy bit came next. Mask on, I'd set to work carving him up. The idea being to imitate Lucius' murder - on the outside at least - but the clever part was, the forensics would be entirely different. Hopefully, along with the removal of his heart (which mimicked something Bellatrix had once done) it would keep them guessing for weeks. I'd transfigured my features to make sure that I couldn't be recognised if the old bat, Moody, came snooping. I was just adding the finishing touches - stringing the squib up above the fireplaces, like some grotesque christmas stocking, when the lift doors opened again and someone strode out. Just the someone whom I'd hoped to miss.
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