Nearly Headless Nick (gryffin_ghost) wrote in _levicorpus,
Nearly Headless Nick

entertaiiiiiin me!

Characters: Nick and Delame
Setting: Paris, but maybe they'll actually leave the flat this time. Who knows?

Time for a visit, most definitely. A little bit of loneliness was always cured by a trip to Paris to see my most favourite of Frenchmen. It had been quite a while, or so it felt in any rate, since I had seen Abime or merely had a casual conversation with the man, so when the weekend arrived I decided to leave the castle for a little sojourn. I wouldn't be missed, I never was when I disappeared.

For the sake of politeness, I sent him a message a few hours before I intended on leaving informing him that I'd be stopping by. Naturally I implored him to let me know if he was busy or had other plans. For the sake of silence and secrecy that is; I'd hate to walk into his flat and into awkwardness if a visiting friend of his should be there too.

With all that done, and dressed to the teeth in my best clothing, I made my way to Paris. I thought about simply walking into his living room, but once again my old habits got the better of me. I got an idea though, and took off my hat and tossed it through his front door. Popping my head in through the thresh, I began to look bewilderedly for my 'missing item' of clothing. "I say, sir, have you seen my hat?"

Tags: nearly headless nick, professor abime delame
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