Oscar Jugson (redsonorus) wrote in _levicorpus,
Oscar Jugson

Characters: Jugson, Moody, whoever else falls into this hole.
Setting: Moody's house, middle of the night.

I heard there was a muggle killing right outside Moody's door last night. I wouldn't be surprised if the old coot did it himself. But there were no signs of muggle police and no aurors around here. Why would they put aurors when the top auror lived in this neighborhood? Well, not for long.

Reckless, am I, Malfoy? I've just got more stones than you and the rest of the Death Eaters combined. Gripping my wand in my sweaty hand, I snuck around Moody's house. A depressed looking place, a couple of windows lit in the middle of the night like it was keeping an eye out for something. How difficult is it to kill one ancient auror anyway?

Worried that he might have security charms inside the house, I threw a stray cat unto some trash bins outside to lure Moody out.
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