Nearly Headless Nick (gryffin_ghost) wrote in _levicorpus,
Nearly Headless Nick


Characters: Nick and Delame
Setting: Paris, on a Sunday after cowboys and sparkles

I arrived at the flat early - early enough to know that Abime wasn't going to be up for another couple of hours. I let myself in, though it was a process as I had to unlock the door from the inside quietly, then pull the books through the thresh, then relock the door since the books weren't transparent like me.... but in any case, I let myself in and settled on to the settee to read for a little while.

I put my book of Robert Lowell verse down to search for my stocking at one point, which I found with a smirk. Well. I wasn't wearing the other stocking, so what good would it do to put this one on too? I went back to the settee and put my feet up, casually reading once again and humming very softly to myself.

Tags: nearly headless nick, professor abime delame
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