DORCAS (greenmeadowes) wrote in _levicorpus,

who shot who in the what now?

Characters: Kingsley and Dorcas
Setting: Kingsley's flat, after the news of Benjy's death has first broken

Of course something was wrong. Kingsley wouldn't have called me back to London if something wasn't terribly, horribly, catastrophically wrong. He wouldn't have called for Emmeline either, not to speak with her personally, who had been off doing something for a couple of weeks now. Or that was the last time I had heard from her or the Order.

My stomach was bunched in knots as I raced back to London to see what the trouble had been. It took me a lot longer than I had expected, simply because of all the walking from safe apparition point to point in Hogsmeade and the city. The closer I got the faster I dashed back to the familiar neighbourhood of our...his flat, practically sprinting across the sidewalks to get home so I could finally know what Kingsley needed to tell me in person.

I ran up the building's stairwell and didn't even knock when I reached the door to the flat, I just let myself in like I used to and searched for him. "Kingsley? I'm here," I heaved, slightly slumping against the foyer wall.

Tags: dorcas meadowes, kingsley shacklebolt
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