Cadence! (rhythmicpoetry) wrote in _levicorpus,

paying back a debt

Characters: Dylan and Cadence
Setting: Hogwarts

How was I to know he'd actually write the children's book? Of course I'd have to look at the thing for myself before I went cleaning, but I did kinda trust that he had actually won the bet. Don't ask me why.

I left little Jackie with his granddad for the day and made my way to the castle. I packed a lunch for Thundie, who was still tending to his greenhouses of course, and surprised it with him while he was elbows-deep in potting soil. Saying my goodbyes to my husband, letting him know with a smirk that I had an office to tidy, I wandered through the castle until I found Dylan's office.

"Olly olly oxen free! Come to tidy your office!"

Tags: cadence, professor dylan mchafferty
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