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Setting: the future by a few days...a Wednesday? Sounds good...France, Leaving Beauxbatons then later at the Vance's house then in Paris
Characters: Em and Gid


An unexpected gust of wind blew at my face and I immediately tilted my head to the side, closing my eyes so as not to get specks of dust and leaves in them. A warm figure pressed against my right side, wrapping warm arms around my own and burying a face into my shoulder. I smirked a little when Em gave a small giggle.

"I used to hate the wind here. It's almost like they were always being...I don't know, theatrical." I told her. She laughed and peeked up at me. "Yeah, that probably didn't make sense. Then again, I've never been to France before I first came here."

The wind died down and I continued telling Em about my first few weeks in France and Beauxbatons. It was a surreal experience being in the place all those memories happened in, with the woman I loved by my side. Of course, we weren't in France just to reminisce. Dumbledore had asked us to go reach out to allies outside of the country. He had spoken in advance with the Beauxbatons headmistress and, considering I was a former apprentice of one of her employees, the Headmaster thought it would be practical to send me out. He suggested someone to go with me and the first person to pop in my head was Em.

To this day, I'm wondering why he didn't object. Not that I'm ungrateful or that I wanted him to. It's just...I wonder what crossed his mind when I asked for Em.

Anyway, now we're walking out of Beauxbaton castle and towards the forest nearby where an apparition point had been hidden for us. Madame Maxime had responded warmly enough and promised to get in touch with Dumbledore as soon as she's thought things through. That's a good sign, as good a sign as anything could be for now. It would be worthless to rush her decision but at the same time, we could only hope that she throw in her support with the Order now. That way, should anything happen, we've got each others' backs.
Tags: emmeline vance, gideon prewett

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