Cadence! (rhythmicpoetry) wrote in _levicorpus,

I've been seen crossing somebody else's mind

Characters: Hestia and Cadence
Setting: The Cottage of Thundereagle (sounds like a lame superhero lair.)

Hestia was on her way! I could have danced! I did dance!

I turned up my Norwegian Black Metal and danced in the kitchen, banging into stuff and knocking over my mop and broom and dustpan until I was absolutely pumped and ready to go. Lucky for me Jack didn't seem to mind that his Mummy was going through a bit of a hard rock phase, and he continued to play on the floor of the living room while I danced and got some lunch ready for Hestia for when she arrived.

I quickly put all that stuff away and turned down the music, running to move the settee away from the fireplace so Hestia could floo in and not be trapped in the chute. It was a temporary thing in case bad people flooed into our house in the middle of the night, just until Thundereagle's paranoia had calmed down some. I could humour him until then.

"Hey Jackie! Put on your happy face, we're gonna have a visitor!" My little boy drooled a little on himself and then burped, but the burping made him smile so I suppose that was close enough.

Tags: cadence, hestia jones
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