Thundereagle (confusedhippy) wrote in _levicorpus,

Setting: The greenhouses at the castle, just after classes!
Characters/Allowed: Thundereagle, Cadence and baby Jack!

Thinking about how much people hated my family for no reason during classes was something I shouldn't do, I told myself quite sternly as I pruned the gardens outside Greenhouse 5. We didn't do anything wrong, we were happy and we didn't offend, and yet there were wizards and witches that wanted people like us gone. Just wiped off the planet, woosh, they didn't even think my baby Jack should be alive.

I decided to lay down on the grass, looking over at the lake as I thought about my pretty wife and my smart son. Why would people hate us? "You suck!" I shouted at the pliers in my hands, even though it wasn't their fault at all.
Tags: cadence, jack, professor thundereagle
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