Cadence! (rhythmicpoetry) wrote in _levicorpus,

field trip to St Mungos!

Characters: Injured Dylan, Dylan's big scary brother, and Cadence
Setting: St. Mungos - the happiest place on earth!

I was good. Meaning I was good and didn't panic until I actually made it to the lobby of St. Mungos and had started wandering around this big, scary hospital for people who had blown up a cauldron or turned themselves in a frog. I finally found a reception desk and, cutting through a really frightening swarm of people, had asked a healer where I might find my friend.

I didn't like this place. I had almost died here the last time. The most I saw of the big jumble of buildings that called itself a hospital was the corridor that had been my home for a week and a half while I recovered.

I had Jack because Thundie was off at school today. I didn't want to bring him here, so I had called up Thundereagle's father to come and watch the baby for the day. God bless the telephone. He knew how to floo too and, thank god, helped to see me on my way and say the right place. But now I was on my own wandering through this insane place and I felt tiny and meek and...weird.

After wandering and getting lost for a good twenty minutes, I had a nice young healer lead me to the actual ward where I'd find Dylan. He pointed to a room and I went in, jumping backwards with a squeak when I saw some scary-looking guy standing next to the hospital bed. My first thought was to run and grab something to beat him over the head with, and I looked around in a flush to try and find that something before I remembered that Dylan's brother had been the one talking with me over the scrolls.

Tags: cadence, dylan mchafferty
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