DORCAS (greenmeadowes) wrote in _levicorpus,

and so, the moral of this story, is everything sucks

Characters: Dorcas and Kingsley
Setting: Their wee little flat, supper time

I kind of figured that Kingsley and I would need to have a serious conversation sooner or later, but when Dumbledore finally offered me the job I knew it needed to be sometime this week. I made dinner, or I tried really hard to make dinner, but the casserole burnt to a crisp and I had to throw it out. Instead I ordered takeaway from the nearby Chinese food place and ran out to get it before Kingsley came home. I pulled on a light coat because it was raining and ran out to grab the fried rice and wontons before Kingsley came back.

Tags: dorcas meadowes, kingsley shacklebolt
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