Caius Nott (mortal_sand) wrote in _levicorpus,
Caius Nott

Setting: Amycus' place.
Characters: Amycus, Caius.

I was relieved someone else was concerned about Regulus, about what it might mean that he'd just disappeared, about what had happened to him and why. Lucius seemed rather disinterested when he passed the scary old bat on to me. No wonder Regulus was so quiet sometimes, if that was his mother. Not to mention, Amycus seemed to have taken it a lot harder than I had, so I had to go and see if he was alright. Just had to. After work, I shoved some sleeping draught into my bag (as strictly, I wasn't supposed to just take it, but nobody noticed these days - we were busy enough as it was) and apparated to just outside Amycus' front door. I knocked on it and waited politely, checking my Healer's robes were still clean. Not a good thing to turn up on someone's doorstep coated in blood up to your elbows.
Tags: amycus carrow, caius nott

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