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For want of better place to be, I pace the edge of ruin

Characters: Moody and Arthur Weasley
Setting: The Atrium of the Ministry of Magic, in the dead of night

It was getting late. I set aside the various reports of Death Eater movements, which I'd been trying to sort into some kind of order. Voldemort's bid for power seemed so random, and yet so organised. There was a pattern here, some sort of plan that I was missing. Certainly he was targeting just the sort of people one would expect him to attack, but at the same time, it lacked the order I would have used. Deaths of high ranking muggle-borns was minimal. Some, people whose death would only effect those closest to them, had been despatched before those who might have brought His ascent sooner. It didn't make sense.

I took my hat from my stand and decided that I would go out and patrol around the Ministry for a while. It would clear my head and perhaps help me figure out what the next move would be. 
The lifts were deserted as I entered  them and the doors closed with a clang. Most people were already at home. If I'd had someone to go home to, perhaps I would have been the same, but as it was, I usually returned to the empty house, only to dwell on the things that had happened in the Ministry. It was far better to up and doing things. As I stepped out into the Atrium, I noticed a figure pacing on the opposite side of the fountain. It would be Arthur, on guard duty. I felt slightly guilty that we'd prevented him from spending the night with his own young family, but swiftly reminded myself that it was the state of war that kept him here, not any fault of mine. I approached him and called in a weary voice;
"Evening Arthur." 
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