Caius Nott (mortal_sand) wrote in _levicorpus,
Caius Nott

Setting: Field, middle of nowhere, near Rookwood's house.
Characters: Rookwood, Caius.

I did feel like I was doing something useful, and well within my bounds, when I heard Rookwood needed my help. I didn't, however, invisage it meaning trudging through a muddy field until I had it up my robes to the knees and nearly falling off stiles as I clambered into the field. I didn't do the countryside well. I made my way across the field, trying to spot Rookwood. I found him in a slightly dryer patch and dashed over, kneeling down next to him, not caring about getting muddy knees or anything, as he looked a state. A real state.
Tags: augustus rookwood, caius nott
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