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Snooping around

Setting: The rubbish bins of the British Government, London, after curfew.
Characters/Allowed: Rita and anybody.

So, my boss insisted that I find a story on muggle's finally realising what was under their noses. Doesn't matter how, he said, just find some information. I'd managed to go through all their files during the night, all their interesting ones were missing and others had been marked as destroyed. I'd talked to almost every damn person in that Muggle Ministry, and all my leads led to one thing.

The rubbish dumps. Apparently muggles did this thing called shredding, where they put all their important papers through a machine so that nobody could read the contents, and then they threw all the bits of paper away with everything else. Nothing a reparo wouldn't fix, I figured, these muggles weren't really that bright.

I had lurked around the rubbish bins that, apparently, held the shredded up paper, waiting until it was dark before opening them and levitating myself so that I sat on the side of the bins. There was all manner of rubbish in them, I couldn't believe that I was about to jump into a pile of muggle rubbish to look for bits of paper. Maybe I could just summon them? I didn't want to ruin my shoes, after all.

Just as I was about to whisper the charm, I heard footsteps coming from the other end of the alley. Bugger it all, I should probably hide, it must've been after curfew! I slid down into the rubbish, trying not to get myself dirty. I could hear something dragging on the ground, and the footsteps got closer. Shit shit shit.
Tags: alastor moody, rita skeeter
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