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Happy Hunting

Characters: Rookwood and Kingsley
Setting: That restaurant what kinglsey's mum owns

 It had been risky snooping around the Ministry of late as Moody was looming over the Auror head office like some mutilated vulture. I'd been forced to pretend I was mooning over one of the female Aurors to escape his questions on one occasion. But, luckily, I had managed to discover that his mother owned a homely little restaurant in Highbury. The source of the information? Now that would be telling.
I donned black and stowed my mask in the inside pocket of my cloak, just in case someone of an Aurorish nature showed up unexpectedly. I adopted a concerned expression and apparated a few streets away from the restaurant. The plan was to act like a concerned friend and get Shacklebolt's whereabouts out of her in a quiet way. Then Lucius and I could plan an attack at our own leisure.
I walked confidently towards the front door. I could do this. Then I glanced through the window as I passed it and had to stifle a curse. 
There, bold as brass, stood Shacklebolt, chatting to some old lady quite unconcernedly. I walked straight past the door and round the corner. He hadn't seen me. I could surprise him. A part of me hesitated. I was a spy, not a foot-soldier, my fortitude wasn't in combat. But then I remembered Caius' description of the way Kinashvili was murdered, and I felt a cold determination permeate my senses. It was my duty.
Wasting no more time, I pulled my mask over my face, drew my wand and marched into the restaurant.
"Stupify!" I roared upon entry.
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