Fabian Prewett (fabbb_ulous) wrote in _levicorpus,
Fabian Prewett

Looking for some TLC

Setting: The Burrow
Characters: Fabs, Molls, and anyone at the Weasley residence

Miraculously, I managed to apparate to the kitchen of the Burrow without even leaving an eyebrow behind.  It was dark and I didn't relish waking up my sister, still tired from birthing my nephew.  In fact, I wouldn't allow myself to deprive her or anyone else of sleep, so I plopped myself into a kitchen chair and would wait till everyone woke up on their own accord, or Ron woke them up with his newborn cries.  I surveyed myself.  I was covered in blood, but it was dried.  My jumper was in shreds, and my shoes were scorched.  I couldn't move my arm, and everything hurt.  The gashes on my chest were burning and they appeared red and inflamed.  I snuck a glance at my arm, and it was hanging at an odd angle.  It made me sick to my stomach.  Damn you, Malfoy!
Tags: fabian prewett, gideon prewett, molly weasley

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