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Tomorrow morning when you wake up and the sun does not appear

Setting: Gid's flat, post-battle...around night time
Characters: Gid and Em
Edit: WARNING! This thread is now definitely not recommended for audiences younger than 17...oh who cares we all know what sex is right? Anyway, there's sex here.

I don't even remember waking but I knew that I wasn't dreaming when I saw my ceiling staring down at me. It took me a few to even think about moving. I flexed my fingers and felt the sharp but slightly pleasant pain shoot up my arm. I forced myself to slowly sit and lean against my headboard.

I was in my bedroom. The blanket that was tucked all the way up to my chest fell off and cold air hit my bare chest. I looked around for a second. Fabs' things were scattered here and there.

That's right. I let him use my room while he stays here. I threw the covers off my legs and I shakily stood up. Walking into the bathroom, I turned on the faucet and splashed some water on my face. The cold was a welcome feeling. I looked for the mirror in a sec, wondering lightly how I ended up wearing nothing but sweatpants. I reached out to get some more water to splash on my face when I noticed a red gash on my right hand.

How did tha-- Then I remembered. Dorcas' message. The mob. The riot. The hexes. At the school. I remembered thinking, worrying about getting to Dorcas. My mind barely recalled a silver shadow flitting away with the message I sent to Kings. And then Bellatrix. A cold trickle down my spine and then pain all over. I didn't have my wand. I rushed out to my room. Frantically searching everywhere, I did find the clothes that I wore by the foot of the bed. A familiar oak stick stuck out from underneath them. I sighed and collapsed back on the bed. What else? What else happened? I closed my eyes and massaged my temples, hoping to bring back more information.

Em was there. She was calling me. She was dirty and worried. She was holding me. She brought me home. "Em...." I whispered hoarsely, still lying on the bed.
Tags: emmeline vance, gideon prewett

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