DORCAS (greenmeadowes) wrote in _levicorpus,

Well we got trouble! Right here at Diagon Alley!

Characters: Everyone! Anyone! It's a massive random interaction thread!
Setting: Diagon Alley, right outside Gid and Dorcas' school for special people

At first it was just a few kids making trouble, I was sure of that much. They probably had gone down to the pub, gotten drunk, started talking, and then decided to march on down here to tag the building or throw stones. Then things obviously got out of hand. The last time I had peeked out my window there were at least a dozen people out there, and maybe only a few of them were wearing dark robes to cover their faces. It wasn't so much the Death Eaters attacking but people I saw every single day on my way to work.

They probably didn't know I was inside, not as they were sending blasting charms against the door and rattling the building to its foundations. After sending my patronus out I ran back to the window and hoped someone would get here soon. The protective wards Gideon and I had put on the building would only last for so long.

Tags: alastor moody, amaranta fawcett, bellatrix black-lestrange, dorcas meadowes, emmeline vance, gideon prewett, headmaster dumbledore, kingsley shacklebolt, oscar jugson, remus lupin
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