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Setting: Amycus' place to Cromwell Road, Kensington.
Characters: Amycus, Caius, Dolohov and possibly aurors later on, if you like.

I wasn't comfortable about this in the slightest. I didn't like these kind of orders, they were in no way the same as healing someone after a duel, or that one time Lucius jumped out a window. This was not asking me to heal, but asking me to harm. Well, persuade, but that was a euphemism and everyone knew it. I had to keep some kind of moral judgement here. It's for the greater good, remember that, Caius. I picked up my mask and a long black cloak and bundled them into a bag before heading to Amycus', my stomach rather unsettled and fluttery about the whole situation. What if I had to kill someone? No, I couldn't do that. I just couldn't. But there were other things I might do. But then again, I didn't really want to do any of that either. For the greater good.

I apparated and knocked on his door, just like I was a friend visiting instead of...all this. I was not looking forward to tonight. Hopefully Amycus would make it more bareable.
Tags: amycus carrow, antonin dolohov, caius nott
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