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Setting: Diagon/Knocturn Alley around 6.00
Characters: Moody, another order member (cause we're going in pairs, no pressure, it can be whoever, I'm easy) and Death Eater(s)

((Just for some fun.))

I waited inside The Leaky Cauldron, perfectly positioned so that I could see both exits, my back to the wall. You could never be too careful. Under the table, I gripped my wand straight and firm, ready to cast a curse at any moment. 
I was confused by the turn of events that had allowed a child, furthermore, a pure-blooded child, to be murdered in Knockturn Alley. Did we have someone seeking vengence? Or was it a cunning ploy from The Death Eaters to turn attention away from themselves, and onto us. Well, it was certainly working. I wanted to take a quick look there this evening, our search as Aurors hadn't turned very much out, but I felt like I was missing something important.
Tags: alastor moody, antonin dolohov, caius nott, sirius black

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