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hotshots, part deux

Characters: Alice, Random DEs #235236-547346235235, Frank
Setting: Near a grocery store..?

There was something terribly, terribly wrong about the house. These days, as I was little good to anyone, I left the office earlier than most. Perks of being pregnant? Oh, yes. But the house, the house I shared with my darling husband. It was wrong. I fretted about the place for a good ten minutes before I figured it out.

There was not enough pie.

Ah, there it was. The problem. I donned my coat, stuffing the wand in my pocket. I was just going to the muggle store, there'd be no need for that, really. Best to keep it, though, in these times. I made a mental list of all the things I wanted to get. Fruit, lettuce, biscuits, chocolate, sugar, pork, steak, bread, whipped cream, lemons, butter, spinach, sardines. The usual. After securely ensconcing my head in a hat that made me look about ten, and a scarf to protect my neck, I was ready! Frank would never forgive me for going out in the cold without being securely bundled. Too bad it did little for visibility. I wasn't feeling particularly threatened at the moment. It was the store. And I looked just like a muggle.

Really, I left the house, and it was freezing. The winter was not my friend for the moment. It was just a short way, and I soon made it, sliding into the welcome warmth of the store. I happily mused to myself about what I was going to make for dinner while I did a bit of shopping. We didn't need much, really... Just enough to stave off the cravings. And then eventual purging of everything I ate, just to be replaced again. It was such a vicious cycle. All the same, my hand sometimes went to my stomach as I went through the aisles. It was a reassuring gesture.

I paid and made my exit, the bags weren't that heavy. If only I could safely do magic and help myself out. But that was always an adventure in and of itself. You never knew when that was going to go wonky. It was a very peaceful day. There were several people out and about walking. I was actually surprised. I kept my head down as I passed by a group of people. They looked like they were up to no good. I wasn't equipped to deal with this at the moment. Act like a Muggle, that was best. My fingers unconsciously gravitated towards the pocket my wand was stuffed in. Which, I suppose, was not the best course of action. As the next thing I knew, I was well surrounded.

"What's this, then?" I asked, trying to act completely surprised by this. Like I didn't live in a world of Death Eaters and mysterious disappearances. Just like this.. Oh. I scrabbled for my wand. Just as I saw one of the men pull out his.

"Don't do anything," He warned me. I gave a tight, humourless smile.

"What's a helpless lady going to do to you?" I responded in kind, getting my wand out all the same. It was near worthless, but they didn't know that.

The big one shook his head, he seemed in charge. There were three of them. Three! "You're an Auror," He said, waving his wand about. There were muggles around, last I knew. I tried to gauge the situation. No one was paying any attention, in fact, I was farther along then I thought. It was just us.

Well, bugger. My heart was racing. What a fine situation to be in. At least they hadn't moved to attack just yet. Perhaps they were waiting for me to make the first move. I concentrated as hard as I had ever concentrated before. Very likely my life depended on this spell actually working and not backfiring. It took a lot, but I flicked my wand, silently sending my patronus out to Frank. 'Help.' Simple, and effective, really.

Not so much for keeping them off me. They were not so keen on leaving me untouched once they saw my patronus flying out the end of my wand.
Tags: alice longbottom, death eaters, frank longbottom

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