Cadence! (rhythmicpoetry) wrote in _levicorpus,

Oh, what a shame that your pockets did bleed on St. Valentine’s

Characters: Cadence and Dylan (and Thundie can drop by with his Dad later! ot3)
Setting: A bright recovery room in St. Mungos

I giggled when Jack burped. He made a funny face, almost like a smile, and Thundereagle's Dad thought that he was smiling at him for real until he burped milk all over him. I laughed and took little Jack from his arms, cooing quietly and rocking him gently as I cleaned him up. The healers still wouldn't let me leave the hospital bed and I had to drink what Thundie called a blood replenishing potion every morning, but I was feeling better at least. I could feed my little baby and bond with him like a normal mother. Lots of sleep and lots of love, that's all I needed. My Jack and my Thundereagle and my parents, all three of them now, and pretty soon Dylan as well.

I yawned and gave Jack to my father-in-law. He excused himself thinking that I wanted to have another nap and went to find his son, who I thought I had heard singing outside my window earlier. I had been wishing I was outside but luckily for me it was gloomy winter weather today, or from what I could see from my pillow anyway.

Tags: cadence, professor dylan mchafferty, professor thundereagle
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