Emmeline K. Vance (0ften_falling) wrote in _levicorpus,
Emmeline K. Vance

the door is open, but the room feels different, believe me

Setting: The Burrow
Characters: Em & Gid. And Fab!

After much debate (with myself mostly) I decided to go to the Burrow, pay my respects and all. Mostly to see Gideon though. I didn't know what to say, or what I'd do but I wanted to be there for him. He'd always been the one to sort of 'go with the flow', and what with Fabian losing his wife, he was probably being the strong one. Maybe I just needed to focus on someone else right now, but for whatever the reason I found myself knocking at the door. Looking at myself I nodded in approval. It seems while my mind debated I got myself dressed. Go me. I held a small bundle to my chest, wanting to bring something but not wanting to kill them by baking or cooking. So I knitted some scarves. I'm utterly useless sometimes. "'Ello?" I called out, not wanting to spook anyone around, "Is Gid around?"
Tags: emmeline vance, fabian prewett, gideon prewett

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