Fabian Prewett (fabbb_ulous) wrote in _levicorpus,
Fabian Prewett

you don't have to go home

Setting: The Leaky Cauldron
Characters: Fabs, Kingsley, Gideon if he's around

Really, I should be going out.  I should be dealing with life outside the Burrow and socialising with people who I cared about.

Or maybe I just wanted to drown my sorrows in a tall glass of firewhiskey.  Either way.

I brushed some of my dirty, unkempt hair out of my eyes and nodded at Tom when I entered the pub.  Taking a small table in the corner, I asked Tom to bring me a firewhiskey and immediately took a long drink when it arrived.  It burned as it went down.  Shuddering at the taste (I've always been a lightweight drinker), I turned towards the door to see if Kingsley had arrived.  Then again, he had work; I couldn't expect him to be completely willing to base his schedule around me.

I brushed my hand over my jaw, which had a thick layer of dark blonde facial hair since I hadn't bothered to shave recently, and my thoughts swam back to the one woman I could not get out of my head.  I groaned and took another long drink, and her face got hazier in my minds eye.  Another sip, and she was almost completely obscured.  I sighed.
Tags: fabian prewett, kingsley shacklebolt
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