Rita Elizabeth Skeeter (scandalqueen) wrote in _levicorpus,
Rita Elizabeth Skeeter

Setting: The Ministry at night, woo.
Characters/Allowed: Rita, and anyone who she might come across.

I didn't get to report on the riot, not that I wanted to. Riots were so beneath me now, it was like intern's work or something. There were bigger fish to fry, in my opinion. I packed my things in a bag, practising my morph before I went and kissed George goodbye. He was owling that damn photographer again, I'd have to dig something up on her after I was finished with my business.

I casually flooed into the Ministry, morphing just as the green flames subsided. I'd practised that, too. There were still protesters in here, the aurors would be busy. Perfect. I flew right over them all, into one of the elevators with a pile of disgruntled Ministry workers. They were all too boring for me to care about, so I decided to get out at the next floor. Come on, something had to be happening at the Ministry.

I flew into a cupboard, morphing back into myself for just a moment, to assemble my thoughts. It was harder to think straight when I wasn't in my body. Just as I was about to morph back into a beetle and head back out to find something juicy, the cupboard door opened. Oh. Shit.
Tags: alastor moody, rita skeeter
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