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A visiting we go...yo ho.

Characters: Moody and Kingsley
Setting: The Infirmary in the Ministry

Once everything had been cleared up and the seriously injured removed to St. Mungos. I headed up to the Infirmary to check on those who'd ended up there. Caradoc had told me Shacklebolt was up there, and despite myself, I found I hurried faster than I usually would. I proabably cared more for him that I ought, but it was incredibly hard not to like Shacklebolt. He had a calming presence that always seemed to clear the air.

He was still out of it when I got up there. In a quiet voice, I asked the medic how he was doing. Thankfully, I got a reasonably favourable reply. I had a burning desire to know exactly what had happened, so I drew up a chair, pulled my scroll out of my pocket and started scribbling away. There was no sense in just sitting there, wasting valuable time.
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