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Since Jess wanted Adorableness

Setting: Picking up Em at Dorcas' flat then at the park near Gid's place
Characters: Em and Gid

I looked up at the clock and pushed my papers aside. Nearly time to pick Em up. I leaned back and stretched, even yawning a bit. I looked banefully at the piles of papers I had to correct but just stuffed them into one of my desk's drawers. I stood up and headed for the bathroom to freshen up.

It's been a few days since I've gone to the apartment, spending the last three nights on the cot in my office. And before that, I spent nearly half a month working day and night in the classrooms (working with actual students or mending a few things). That's why I'm not surprised that Dorcas is worried about me again.

"You're going to be late if you stay in there, Gideon!" I heard Dorcas knocking on the door. I chuckled and stepped out in clean jeans and a white shirt. I smirked at her when she just rolled her eyes and mumbled something under her breath. I pulled out a red and black sweater from my overnight bag and pulled it over my shirt. After putting on my shoes and grabbing my coat, I turned one last time to Dorcas.

"So, I'm heading off. If you need anything, just send word, okay?"

"Of course! Don't worry about me, Gid. Just have fun with Em!" She smiled and waved as I walked out the door. I shrugged my coat on before turning on my heel and apparating to Dorcas and Kings' flat.

I knocked on the door and called out to Em. "Em? It's Gid!"
Tags: emmeline vance, gideon prewett

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