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A long awaited chance encounter in a random muggle field near the Malfoy Manor

Characters: Moody and Dumbliedore
Setting: A random muggle field near the Malfoy Manor where Moody is on voluntary stakeout at about...oooh say 23.47

Most people would probably call this an obsession. Afterall this was long after hours and it was my night off from this sort of thing. I called it prudence. Officially, we weren't allowed to watch Malfoy's house, in case he withdrew his precious funding, but luckily, The Order wasn't limited like that. I tried to ensure some sort of vigil was maintained near Malfoy's estate, without tiring everyone out.

I'd brought some tea with me and I had my favorite hat on to keep me warm. Nevertheless, it was freezing. I was considering adding some firewhiskey to the tea to make it Irish, when I felt one of my barrier charms twang painfully in my head. I swivelled around grumpily, then grinned as I spotted Albus standing a few yards away, prodding the outside of my spells with his wand.
Tags: alastor moody, headmaster dumbledore

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