Lucius Malfoy (bitter_faith) wrote in _levicorpus,
Lucius Malfoy

Fixing things.

Setting: St Mungo's, room of one stabbed-to-bits bodyguard.
Characters: Malfoy, an unconcious bodyguard and whomever might turn up. *whistle*

It needed to be done. Unfortunately, our resident hospital inhabitant, Nott was somewhat incapacitated at the minute. This meant, after much coercion (he kept going on about an oath or something, rest assured, he's not getting better any time soon), I got him to tell me how to turn the magical contraptions keeping the bodyguard alive off, and how to get in the hospital. I was going on my own, so I would only use my mask once the deed was done and I had to get out unseen. Until then, I charmed my hair brown and stole Nott's robes. Easily done. I kept my mask in the inside pocket of my robes and we were all set.

Apparating around the corner, I walked in the hospital cooly and confidently, giving a slight nod to the woman in the reception. I found the bodyguard's room with relative ease. It was the one with another huge Russian sleeping outside of it. He was going to get fired. Such a shame. I walked in the room, carefully put the mask on and pulled up my hood. The fun started here. I had a quick look behind me, but the room was engulfed in darkness. Perfect.

I took a second to examine this man's face. Covered in scars. Was that his jaw wired shut? And this thing here, with potions flowing through it? Was that keeping him alive? Oh, how easy it would be to accidentally turn it off. Who was so forgetful? I smiled to myself quietly, got my wand out and started following the instructions I had been given. One by one, the potions stopped bubbling. A cold calm came over the man's face and there was a rush of blood to my head as I thought for just a second about what I had done so easily. I shouldn't have paused, I shouldn't have hesitated as now the big burly Russian was awake and in the room, spouting at me in Russian. I didn't think to reply, just raised my wand and said the Killing curse. The problem was, as soon as the green light subsided, I'd be in big trouble. I had a quick look around and made a run for the exit admist all the shouting nurses and healers.
Tags: alastor moody, lucius malfoy, zomg murder!

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