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Stacey, reply to meee.

Setting: Dining Room, Avery Manor.
Characters/Allowed: Angie and Avery, kthnx.

I had left work early, sorting out the house elves and making sure Avery's favourite dinner was on the table. I was nervous as Hell, I could already see a tiny bump on my normally smooth stomach, thank Heavens it didn't show under my dress. Now was not the time for silk. I put out the best cutlery and china, fixing my hair and downing a few glasses of Port.

He had to be home soon, I thought as I mulled around the manor, he couldn't be late. I had to tell him about it, and I didn't know how much longer my nerves would allow me to stay rational. I didn't dare allow myself any more Port, even though I felt like it. Heaven knows what it was doing to the- the thing.

It was nearing seven, I could barely keep myself from shaking, when I saw the fireplace turn a brilliant green. There he was. I put on a completely nervous smile, moving up from my seat. "Avery."
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