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Setting: The Tonks Flat
Characters: Ted, Meda, Baby!Nymphadora

Ted sat in front of the couch, playing with Nymphadora, calling out that belly laugh that she has. I had the please of the couch, behind Ted and he was letting me brush his hair. I couldn't express how jealous I was of this man's hair. It was long and silky, perfect to run your fingers through. Granted, he used my shampoo and so smelled like me, I wasn't deterred.

I brushed along the nape of his neck with my fingers, gathered up all his hair and held it in my hands, judging the weight of it, seeing how it flowed through my fingers. There would be hell to pay if he ever cut it.

Nymphadora laughed, straight from her belly and I smiled. She was precious, my beautiful girl and I could listen to her laugh all day. She was so happy, so content with Ted and he laughed along with her. There was something about their laughs, together. They went well, complimented each other. Hers loud and bubbly, high pitched. Ted's grown up and manly but unrestrained. They both laughed.

It was the same laugh.

I stopped brushing and listened. It was the same laugh.
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