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Maybe I'm wrong,/But I'm feeling right where I belong

Setting: Mystery Date at Night
Characters: Rin and Gid

Knocking on her door, I nervously fixed my hair and checked my watch. Just a few minutes before seven. Good. I'm not too early to look too eager or anything.

I heard her take down the latch and lock and opened the door. Wow, she looks great! It registered to me that she was smiling at me and I was probably making her feel awkward by staring at her. "So, um, I know I'm early but are you ready?"

"Well, just give me a second to grab my purse and jacket and we can go." She turned back inside and reached for her purse. I helped her slip on her jacket while she magically closed the lights inside her flat and locked it. "So where are we--Gid?"

Before she could turn around, I pulled out a blindfold from my pocket and put it over her eyes. "Hold on tight," I whispered in her ear and offered my arm to her. I felt her squeeze my forearm and lean closer to me. For a while, I got a good whiff of her shampoo and, before the scent could take over my brain, I forced my eyes closed and guided Rin to turn on her heel at the same time as I did and we apparated out of her building.
Tags: corinna blackwell, gideon prewett

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