Andromeda (le_etoile_noire) wrote in _levicorpus,

Can you tell I'm yearning for interaction?

Setting: Diagon Alley for shopping!
Characters: Andromeda, Nymphadora and whoever she runs into.

I had woken up early and sat at the kitchen table, not knowing what to do with myself. Ted had work in an hour and Nymphadora was being fussy and I didn't want to sit around today. I just wasn't in the mood. So I got us ready and fed Nymphadora.

I promised Ted that I wouldn't stray anywhere near Knockturn and he apparated us to Diagon before heading off to his job.

I walked down the street a bit, taking everything in. It felt like years since I'd been here last. Nymphadora pointed to the ice cream shop and I promised that we would visit later. For now, I wanted to go to Gringotts to see if anyone had tampered with the vault and was under my and Antonin's name. I intended to change it to just mine, as long as everything was okay.
Tags: andromeda black, mundungus fletcher, oscar jugson
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