Oscar Jugson (redsonorus) wrote in _levicorpus,
Oscar Jugson

Characters: Rita Skeeter, Oscar Jugson
Settings: Little bar just by Trafalgar Square

You can't bloody get a pint of larger in this bloody place. The waitress came to bring the barkeep just so they could tell me I'm underage then they gave me weak fucking tea. Brilliant. I hope this Skeeter girl showed up soon before I spit weak tea all over these focken people.

I was excited at the prospect of telling someone about the Pureblood Wizarding Youth. The Ministry types all thought us a bunch of hooligans and vandals, they just don't see the big picture. I had a feeling this Skeeter might want to join. Why else would she be asking? I even brought a copy of our latesty zine, lamenting the increase of unemployed purebloods compared to the shooting up of muggleborn eployees in the workforce.
Tags: oscar jugson, rita skeeter
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