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tonksalicious(def) : make them purebloods crazy

i am a thread machine.

setting: hogwarts and then TED'S FLAT :D :D
characters: Ted, Meda, and bb Dora.

Today was the move-in day. More than anything, I was excited, knowing that this day could not have come soon enough, and that I had waited and waited and done everything I could to make it happen. I had been hoping for something like this - for something like Andromeda for so long, and now that she was here and in my grasp and so close, I was distracted with the effort to act like a normal human being instead of a spastic kid again.

I had cleaned everything, every bit of the flat, and I had moved my things around and thrown out so much that I didn't want or need, that it almost looked like a completely different place. Andromeda and Nymphadora would take my room - there was space for her crib, and I would settle on the couch and all would be okay. Well, of course, not totally okay, because if I had gotten what I wanted we could all be in the same room - but I wasn't about to risk anything by assuming too much.

Everything I needed was here. Food, heat, extra blankets. Nodding finally, I left the flat and Apparated to Hogsmeade before making my way back to Hogwarts to pick up Andromeda and the baby.

Tags: andromeda black, ted tonks
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