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there's not a star in heaven that we can't reach.

Characters-Remus and Sirius...among others, right? yup!
Setting-Sirius' flat then off to dinner!

After another shift at the shop, I apparated home for a quick change and to get ready to meet Sirius. We hadn't seen much of one another since the summer began, and well-I really missed him. He had been busy with his training, I had been busy with my job and our schedules clashed making it near impossible for much more than a few quick visits, a few quick conversations over the scrolls and even less with the snogging.

He was promising to clean his flat and everything. I felt honored by this, so naturally had to visit to see this miraculous event. And then we were going to go out for dinner, he had mentioned an Italian Restaurant nearby. It was to be a good night. I hurriedly changed my clothes, opting for something casual as opposed to day clothes, nice jeans and long sleeved button shirt. Finally pleased with overall appearance, I left with a quick goodbye to my parents. I was saving up for a flat of my own, currently. But for now, still with them.

With that, I walked out into the cool late afternoon air and apparated to Sirius'.

I knocked on the door, waiting.
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