Antonin Dolohov (nomudbloods) wrote in _levicorpus,
Antonin Dolohov

Hey a random thread!

Charatcers: Dolohov, ANY.
Settings: Diagon Alley

Stupid Carrow. Leaving me in his giant house with nothing to do but eat and wank off. I could only take so much before the boredom and the overwhelming silence got to me. I grabbed my wand and headed out. I'll come back tonight. Maybe tomorrow. We'll see how Carrow feels about that. What a rotten host.

I disapparated just outside his gates to appear in Diagon Alley. Time to get Monty something nice, and then maybe lazy the day out around here. I couldn't help but glance behind me every now and then. Malfoy said to be careful. I could be being followed, especially after talking to the Minister of Magic like that.
Tags: antonin dolohov, evangeline wilkes
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