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A long delayed visit

Setting: Moody's house. For once.
Characters: Alastor (Mad Eye) Moody and Headmaster Albus Dumbledore

I pulled out the Pinot Chardonnay and a couple of glasses, placing them out on the living room table, ready for Albus' arrival. I wandered absently around my home, strengthening certain wards and lowering others, my mind still half in the office, going over the most recent turn of events. So far, nothing had drastically changed since the Press Conference. It worried me and I had a sneaking suspicion that our opponents were gathering themselves for a large scale assault. I paced restlessly, unable to let it go, trying in vain to separate out the facts and discern their most likely course of action. But it was futile. My brain wasn't responding in the way I wanted it to and resulted in only increasing my agitation.
I hoped that Albus' visit would do something to alleviate my concerns.
Tags: alastor moody, headmaster dumbledore

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