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I watched them fall in line as I fell victim.

Setting: Malfoy Manor, last weekend. Pre-announcements. ((sorry, my internet was a fucker this weekend))
Characters: Malfoy, Bellatrix and a grand assortment of Death Eaters. Drop in where you like, talk to who you want, no real posting order.

This is why house elves, for all their idiocy, were the best thing since sliced bread. I could have a reasonably (let's not waste it on Dolohov) lavish meal, without even having to move. Bellatrix...well, I wasn't sure where she'd gone to, but she was in the house, I could hear something being screamed at somewhere. Anyway, people would be here shortly. Dolohov better not wimp out, or I'd hex him to Kingdom Come. He'd already given away far too many names, locations and things other people really didn't need to know. Someone get here, I didn't want Bellatrix bothering me again. The things I did for this woman. Correction, the things I did for this cause. If it was just her, I'd put her back on the street. But it was about much more than her.

I sat down in a chair and contemplated having some wine whilst I waited, finally deciding against it. I wondered who wouldn't show up. They'd be noted, definately. Hurry up, dammit.
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