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Press Conference!

Setting: Conference room four, the Ministry of Magic
Characters/Allowed: Millicent, Moody, Umbridge, any Death Eathers *hint ruddy hint*, Ministry officials. Come one, come all. BYO drinks.

I was always nervous before a press conference, it was a normal feeling. But, with what I felt was going to be the defining issue of my career about to roll out, I couldn't help but feel helpless as my stomach turned itself into a knotted ball of butterflies. My speech prepared as best I could, I looked around for Moody. We would have to enter together, for photo purposes.

Standing outside the door to the stage, I could hear the sound of ravenous reporters and ministry officials twittering amongst themselves, probably wondering what was so important that it warranted an urgent press conference. I saw Moody, walking over towards me. "Are you ready, Alastor?" I certainly wasn't. Without waiting for a response, I pushed the door open, camera flashes not even disorientating me for a second as I walked to the lectern that I knew had the Ministry insignia on it.

"Thank you all for coming on such short notice. You will not regret coming today."
Tags: alastor moody, death eaters, delores umbridge, millicent bagnold
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