Alastor (Mad Eye) Moody (paranoidndproud) wrote in _levicorpus,
Alastor (Mad Eye) Moody

If the Cat's out of the bag, why are you still rolling the yarn?

Characters: Moody and Lucius
Setting: BACK DATED to Monday, the Malfoy Manor

The Malfoy Manor was an imposing building. I scanned the house, saw a large number of house elves on the upper floors, but no Bellatrix. Of course, that didn't mean anything. As with all the old wizarding households, the place was so full of magic it was practically bursting at the seams. Some of the older spells could easily deflect my sight.
I took a single Auror with me to have a word with Mr. Malfoy. We were following up any and all lines of inquiry, one was all we had to spare. Besides, we weren't going to go rushing into this. Bellatrix was dangerous, even when cornered. The trick was to do this with as little damage to ourselves as possible. I had far to many reminders on my person to forget what happens when you go in without proper preparation.
Tags: alastor moody, lucius malfoy

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