Evangeline Avery. (angiewilkes) wrote in _levicorpus,
Evangeline Avery.

Random interaction thread!

Setting: A tree by the lake
Characters/Allowed: Angie and anyone.

To Hell with Dolohov, I thought as I put on a reasonably short skirt and a nice white shirt. I had bought some of that cream Bellatrix suggested, and it was working a charm. It was too warm to be wearing anything else. Grabbing the copy of Bernards latest book, I casually walked outside, making sure to flash the authors name as I walked through the castle. Strolling along, I found a tree under which to sit. I didn't want to tan just yet. I sat down, heaving the book onto the grass beside me.

I heard a branch snap, turning my head quickly and reaching for my wand. "Whos there?"
Tags: acacia leoni, evangeline wilkes
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