Thundereagle (confusedhippy) wrote in _levicorpus,

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Setting: Lisas rooms!
Characters/Allowed: Thundie and Lisa!

I picked a bunch of daisies from the Lisa Cutti daisies, getting a blood red rose and sticking it smack-bam in the middle of them. Dylan had said not to give her anything more than daisies, but he was a silly willy. With some of Dads soup in a thermos, I skipped up to Lisas office, singing 'We're off the see the wizard' in an extremely loud voice. I wondered if Dumbledore responded to someone singing that? Bouncing in front of her door, I knocked. "Guess who! My name begins with T and ends in Hundereagle!"
Tags: professor lisa cutti, professor thundereagle

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