Headmaster Dumbledore (knittingmugwump) wrote in _levicorpus,
Headmaster Dumbledore

I'll start a revolution if I could wake up in the morning.

Characters: Dumbledore and Moody
Setting: Hogwarts. Oooh, vague!

I hurried down to the main gate in the hopes that I would have not kept Alastor waiting long. It was late, later than nine in the evening, but we had both expected that this meeting between us would not occur until nightfall. It had to be secretive too for it was certain that the Ministry looked down upon our supposed 'scheming' and plotting behind their backs, though it was not so much scheming as it was worrying about the state of the world.

It was a sad day when friendships were seen as threats to the government.

I saw his dark figure in front of the gate and moved my wrist to undo the charms that were keeping him out. "Alastor," I greeted him, nodding my head and waiting for him to step in. "Good of you to come."

Tags: alastor moody, headmaster dumbledore
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