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In which Riley gets her ass kicked

Setting: The trophy room...at midnight!
Characters/Allowed: Angie, Riley and Dolohov in the shadows!

Hm, what to wear? Slipping into a pair of black pants, I put on a dark green shirt and black jacket, tying my hair up in a bun. I was not going to lose. I placed my wand in my jacket pocket, even though Dolohov was going to be there, I didn't want to lose no matter what.

It was semmingly easy to get out of the Slytherin Common Room, although it almost always was. Getting through the corridors was a bit difficult, I just managed to get past McGonagall without getting caught, kicking Mrs Norris as I strutted into the Trophy Room. Of course I was the first one here, I looked around and cast a darkening charm on the corners of the room, just in case Dolohov was already there.

Wanting to pass some time before Riley appeared, I began to sing to myself, trying to stop myself feeling nervous. I would not lose. I could not lose.
Tags: evangeline wilkes, professor dylan mchafferty, riley mcgranahan
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