Emmeline K. Vance (0ften_falling) wrote in _levicorpus,
Emmeline K. Vance

I have nothing witty or funny to write here....*sadpanda*

Setting: Outside Ravenclaw dorms/Benjy's room
Characters: Benjy & Em...others if they wish to die.

I darted from the Charms classroom to the enterance of the Ravenclaw dorms, deciding to be sort of a greeting and not to scare him too much. I just needed to explain it to him, why, and I think--hop--pray he'll understand. He will, but it's more of his tendency to worry that, well worries me. Pacing back and forth I waited, looking up ever so often to see if the approching person was him.
Tags: benjy fenwick, emmeline vance
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