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Setting: St. Bartholemew's Hospital
Characters: Gid, Fabs, Kings and Molly (probably with the lil' Weasleys)

Thank goodness for the years I've spent with Tom at the Cauldron. Sometimes, it barely registers that I might be taking him for granted but I try to make it up to him anyway. He's not mentioned anything so I hope we're cool.

Fab's in the hospital! How in the world did that happen?! I felt my stomach twist in worry. I hope it wasn't anything horrible. St. Bartholemew's was that muggle hospital near by. I didn't really know if that was a good thing or a bad thing. It was good since it was a decent muggle hospital near by. It's bad since it's a hospital near by. I shook my head as I grabbed my coat and put it on. Did that make sense? No, probably not. Wait, if it's so near, why did I tell Kings I was apparating? Well, I sure as hell wasn't running.

Without even thinking, I found myself already in the alley a street down the hospital. I stepped out, taking big steps to get there faster. Once inside the cool, chemical smelling building, I looked around for signs of Kings or Fabs. I felt my stomach twist even tighter when I couldn't find either of them. Relax, Prewett. Maybe they're with a healer or something. I walked around a bit, looking into any open room I could find before a small blonde woman walked up to me.

"Looking for someone, love?" she was dressed in white and had a small name tag on her uniform. Her name was Janet and she was a nurse.

"Oh, yeah, two guys? one around my height, same color hair...well, he's my twin and the bloke he's with is tall, dark, bald...." I knew I sounded stupid and was sounding even dumber by the second.

"There was a young man admitted just a few minutes ago. His friend said he was having stomach problems. Is that him?"

"Yeah, sounds about right." I let out a sigh of relief when she nodded and told me to follow her. " he's just been admitted, you wouldn't know what's wrong with him just yet?"

"No, not yet. The doctors will run some quick assessments and do what they must. You'll be informed since you're next of kin." she looked at me thoughtfully before adding. "Although, he did look rather bad, clutching at his sides and whatnot. Worst case scenario'd have to be emergency surgery."

Oh Merlin. What the hell is wrong with you, Fabs?!
Tags: gideon prewett, molly weasley

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