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Setting: Dumbledore's Office
Characters: Dumbledore, Delame.

I had had some doubts inbetween sending that letter and when I actually planned to go. Many, many doubts. Most of them involved me losing my job, but then I was hit by some form of rationale that he couldn't. I had a right to know this and it wasn't me who was being unreasonable here, it was him. I hated to think it of him, I really did. I used to think I could trust him...reasonably implicitly. Not like Livia or, dare I say it, Nick, but I had seriously begin to trust him. And he just proved he didn't trust me, back then, and I proved I quite clearly had no balls.

It had to be done. I had to stand up to him and say I didn't think it was right and I wanted, nay, deserved an explaination. Just like I had in Italy. Just like had worked. I wanted to do the right thing. It was my job, as her husband, to protect her memory, to make sure it was honoured properly. Allowing a fucking 7th year to look at all that information was not honouring it properly. I knew it before, but lost my nerve. Not now. No, I deserved an explaination, because if he trusted a student more than me, why the hell was I even working here? Why did he want me working here?

I took a deep breath and was determined to be confident and self assured. It had been a long week, but for this, it had only strengthened my resolve. I wasn't going to take no for an answer. I couldn't, I was doing this for Livia, nobody else. I wasn't doing this to feed my own ego or concience, I was doing this for the woman I loved. I walked up there, quickly, lest I changed my mind and knocked on the door, realising I didn't know the password. Right. Very difficult conversation here we come, conviction, don't fail me now.
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